18. februára 2019

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Who we are

GACY ’68 was among thirty-seven projects that have been selected for funding out of the 357 applications received by the Education, Audio-visual & Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) in 2018 within the “Europe for Citizens” programme, Strand 1: European Remembrance.

GACY ’68 has brought researchers together from across Europe. Four universities joined with collaborators from cultural institutions and NGOs to take on the task of commemorating the Prague Spring and its European dimension. We hope to have direct involvement of participants from at least ten EU member states and to spread our activities from the Baltic to the Adriatic and from the Alps to the Black Sea.

Vienna University

Wolfgang Mueller
research coordinator

Hildegard Schmoller

Varna Historical Museum

Zlatka Antova
research coordinator

Velina Kostadinova


Zagreb University 

Matija Ivačić
research coordinator

Estonian Memory Institute

Hiljar Tammela
research coordinator

Bologna university

Francesco Privitera
research coordinator

Truc sphérique

Fedor Blaščák
public events coordinator

Zemplin Library in Michalovce

Martin Capík
public events coordinator


Comenius University in Bratislava

Ľubor Matejko
coordinator in chief

Matej Ivančík
research coordinator

Zuzana Bujačková
public events coordinator

Michaela Petra Poliačková
translation coordinator

Dominika Pisoňová


Information on GACY´68 project activities, venues and participants supported by the European Union.

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